What’s at stake if Stripes’ funding is cut?

For the duration: Mud, hellholes and fog notwithstanding

On Monday, May 14, 1945, Stars and Stripes launched its Pacific edition to serve servicemen deployed in the battles against Japan in World War II. The edition published an editorial that captured the mission of Stripes through the generations, a mission that is...

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Why does this matter? A Q&A with Stripes’ publisher

What is the value of the Stars and Stripes Mission? Mission is to provide independent news and information to members of the military community needed to exercise their rights as citizens of the United States. It further provides-information needed to support the...

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Letter from David Allen | Save Stars and Stripes

SAVE STARS AND STRIPES President Trump’s budget proposal for 2021 could kill America’s prime example of a free press. The military budget cuts funding for Stars and Stripes, the independent daily newspaper for the U.S. military community overseas. The elimination of...

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Letter from Ron Jensen

Unique Piece of America’s Military Worth Saving In 1989, I was in Normandy, France, for the 45th anniversary of the D-Day invasion and, along with a colleague, drinking beers bought for us by men who had landed on those bloody beaches June 6, 1944. Why were these...

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