Don’t let the Pentagon silence Stars and Stripes

We are advocates for first-hand reporting from bases around the world and unbiased, credible news to America’s military

Friends of Stripes

We need your help

On Feb. 14, 2020, less than a week after the U.S. Department of Defense announced the elimination of $15 million for Stars and Stripes operations, the Stars and Stripes’ Publisher’s Advisory Board committed itself to the advocacy, education and potential lobbying that would restore this crucial funding for Stars and Stripes. Now we need your support.


What we will do

The Publisher’s Advisory Board will provide news and information about the funding status; engage members of Congress who share Stars and Stripes’ values and support its mission; raise additional private funding to help offset the potential budget cuts; and seek the restoration of funding in specific budget appropriations bills.

What’s at stake?

The $15 million cuts proposed by the Department of Defense represent a 50 percent reduction in operations funding and ensures Stripes will curtail or eliminate first-hand news reporting in active war zones, particularly in the Middle East and will eliminate printed newspapers distributed to troops deployed at far-flung outposts.

What can YOU do?

If you believe Stars and Stripes mission remains essential to our troops deployed throughout the world, your support is critical. Contact your Congressional representative; write letters to the editor; share the mission on social media — and financially support our staff in the field. You can make certain funding is restored!

Who we are

The Stars and Stripes’ Publisher’s Advisory Board is an independent board of seven current and former journalists and publishers appointed by the Stars and Stripes’ publisher. Because Stars and Stripes cannot approach members of Congress directly about its funding, its Publisher’s Advisory Board does so on its behalf.